Challenges - Tutorial - February 11, 2021

Welcome to Haxor

Welcome! We’re a community of people making coding easier for everyone.

Here you level up and earn prizes by learning new APIs, SDKs, and developer tools. The feedback you provide helps open source maintainers and developer companies improve their documentation and resources.

Our feedback sessions are called Haxor Challenges. Every Haxor challenge is like an unboxing video of a new developer product you’ve never used before. Each challenge asks you to build a small app or add a single feature using a developer product.

Every challenge takes between 15 minutes to 2 hours and you complete them on your own machine, with your own IDE! In order to earn prizes, you must submit a screencast of your experience with our developer screen recording tool, Paircast. You can learn more about how to complete a challenge here.

The mistakes you make and the feedback you leave helps developer companies improve these experiences for future developers. Every bug fixed helps the next developer save time. At Haxor, we measure our success by the number of developer hours saved.

So come learn new skills, help other developers, and earn some prizes along the way!

Get Started


Create an Account

25 xp

Welcome! Start by registering for your account. You’ll see your progress update below. You may need to refresh the page!


  • Join Haxor

Update your profile

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Ever haxor has a great username. We used your email address to come up with one, but you should choose something leet.

After that, you should upload an avatar.

  • Review and update your username.
  • Change your avatar.

Join the Haxor Discord

50 xp

Click the button below to join the Haxor Discord. This is where you can connect with other community members and get support while you complete challenges.

Join the Haxor Discord

Once you’re in, add your Discord username (username#1234) to your profile under “Profile Info”.

Our bot will mention you in the Discord when you receive a badge!

  • Click the button above to join the Haxor Discord.
  • Add your Discord username to your profile.

All done? You’re ready to try your first Haxor challenge!

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