How To - February 11, 2021

How to complete a Haxor challenge.

In order to get credit for completing a challenge, just follow the instructions while you record your screen with Paircast.

Paircast is a developer screen recording tool created by Haxor. It records your screen, microphone, and code changes while you work.

Every Haxor challenge focuses on a single tool or product. Your paircast recordings are sent to the maintainers so they can make improvements. It’s like User Experience Testing for the developer world.

Submitting Your first Paircast.

You should have a link that says “Enter Challenge” that leads to a Paircast invite.
Follow the instructions there to download Paircast.
Once installed, log into Paircast with your Haxor account.
Use the same account you used to sign up for Haxor.
Back at the Paircast invite, copy the Paircast Key.
Then, in the top right of the application, click on “My Casts” and enter the Invite Key from the Paircast invite.

How Paircast Works

You’ll choose a “working directory” where you need to do all of your coding work. Paircast will track coding changes in this directory, and you can see those changes being tracked in the application during recording.

As you start recording, a prompt will pop up telling you more details about the challenge. Complete the challenges and speak aloud as you work. Paircast will transcribe what you say.

If you encounter bugs or have comments (regarding the challenge), use the “Bug” and “Comment” buttons on the Paircast interface to add notes to your recording. A replay will be highlighted for playback and sent directly to the maintainers.

When you complete your task, or you reach the time limit, upload your video and complete the survey.

When you’ve completed the survey, your submission will be reviewed (automatically or manually) and you’ll receive your badge!

If you have any trouble, please check the Paircast docs, ask in Discord, or file a Paircast bug.